Richter's 104th birthday

Respect. :rectum:

I’m not going to post anything… I’ve posted everything already. If anyone has requests, I’ll happily oblige.

So take some time tonight and honour this legend in whatever way you see fit. Personally, I’m going to listen to the 1969 Bach WTC book I, 1963 Dvorak Concerto, Brahms Quartet #2, and the Leipzig recital, among others.



His Leipzig recital is just about the best thing ever.



I’ll be listening to the Bach French Suites, The Rachmaninoff 2nd with Wislocki and the Schumann Quintet with the Borodin.


Truuu, Imma hear his 1958 Brahms 2 live rec tru

Rezpek da richter!!!

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I’m short on time so I’ll just relive the 10/4 vid for the 957485th time :sunglasses:

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Rezpec da legend!!
I’m randomly so swamped today I only have time to listen to his 10/4. :icon_stopw_sdc_473:




Nooo that’s not what I’m going to listen to. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware, but he’s been on my mind today anyway through the requests thread, and I listened to his 31#3 this morning. I’ll ponder this over a little and will pick something more before it’s time for bed.

My choice fell on two favourites I haven’t heard in a long time now. It’ll be the 2nd halves from 1978-10-18 and 1979-12-15.

Wim, Iz dat U? :lib:

I’m going to the Piano Files and see what tremendous tribute mr. Ainley has produced to honour this birthday.
(W…w…wait…he doesn’t even mention him???)

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All great choices, but I don’t think I’ve heard the 1963 Dvorak Concerto.

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He’s too busy worshiping Lipatti and figuring out how to get people to believe that Spivakovsky is some sort of lost genius he helped gift to the world.


And relistening to da Mystery Pianist reverse-Hattoz n wondering which pre-Ho forgotten penizt it iz

Not dat Richter himself would give a zheeyat if sum internet mofo did not like hiz playing (or even made an effort to explore da mountain of epic recs he left behind)


Watch 1966 vid, mofo

Sorry, I meant 1961. My original copy was labeled 1963, so now I’m permanently confused about the date. In any case, the rec is here:

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Ah ok thanks. I’ve heard this one. It is my favorite of the lot.