RIP Alexander Solzhenitsyn

If you haven’t read the Gulag Archipelago, The Cancer Ward or One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, you’re missing out.

Respect to a legend

Honour is due.

tru, read dis in da paperz today.


A great individualist, and champion of freedom.

He was a bit contradictory though at times.

Check out this great article by Christopher Hitchens:

a nationalizt cock n a religiuz integrizt, noztalgic of the feodal(slavary) zyztem of Tzars but the occident will take any idiot, give him nobel prize n milionz $$$ n huge rezidencez if that can zervez the axiz of good (anti-communizm) propaganda

Solzhenitsyn wuz juz a gud uzeful parrot for uza

I remembah he came to France (invited by Lepen monarchist friendz) n zaid french motto Liberté, égalité, Fraternité wuz essentially evil n then criticized the french revolution comparin it wiz bolchevizm We zhud have cut hiz head lyk we did with our kingz. This iz wut republic do.

good riddance!



I’d never even heard of diz mofo, literature is not my domain. :comme:

HAHAHAHAHHAHHHhahhahahahahaha tha rare MART emotion :whale: :whale: :whale:

i zhamefully haff no idea who thiz mofo iz but tru zaw tha obit on tha front page of tha tdot ztar :orgy:

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i just can’t get myself to read books completely :blush:

hahah daim da MART being zeriouz for once!!!
damn, i haf no idea about tiz mofo, but iz da Mart pozz Communist-zympathizt?

daim, i never knew about him. respect and RIP. i now want to read some of his works and im inspired to follow this up after just reading “the master and margarita”. i will highly recommend this book to anyone here. it isnt too difficult a read either.

Pick up a copy of One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. It’s a pretty easy read, somewhere around 200 pages.

will do. i was speaking with my Dad about this particular book. if i recall what he said correctly, this was the book that he actually wrote after he got banned from writing? before that he was just accepted as a writer for the soviets. im now doing work in a book shop to get some cash, so i get nice discounts!

if it’s only 200 pages I might check it out too. The last english book I read was A Clockwork Orange, which was just the right length for me :slight_smile:


For some reason, my abiding memory of One Day is the cabbage soup… Pozz time to re-read.

Do you like Hitchens? He seams very indiviualistic too.

I have honestly never heard about this guy (before the news), even though my grandfather is a proff of slavic languages and litterature :blush:

I’ve tried to read that three times now. I just can’t get my head around all the slang. I don’t know why I’m so incompetent in that regard.

I find Hitchens entertaining, even (and especially) when I disagree.


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Haha tru, I remember diz ancient MART fury. :sunglasses:

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