RIP Nelson Freire

Oh, man! That’s terrible! A really fine pianist for whom self-promotion was a foreign concept and for whom communicating the essence of music was the highest achievement. May he rest in peace.

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tru - this makes me sad

damn… I know decca finally made things right with the world but the fact we don’t have decades more big label releases always confused me. Freire was good as anybody

RIP to tha LEGENDARY FRIAH :frowning_face:

wuz juz liztenin to hiz inzane ZTRAUZZ-GOD :bat: tha otha day n liztenin again now

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a tru legend. RIP.

RIP da tru legend!


Thats a hell of a C major fantasy!

u haff mo 60’z fried ?

alzo zhorly diz MOZKET needz itz 10/2 combo ZEPPET :sunglasses:

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Ahahahah tru :sunglasses:


hahaha fuckk :icon_stopw_sdc_473:
da ZEPP now reachz level where he can azk da audience a zong title n impro da correzpondin ZEPPET :sunglasses:


Ahahahah tru diz claim may be tezted live zoon :whale:

alzo i wuz debatin whethah to include da FRIAH zhoe-pimp klazzik “nevah zeen diz befo” quote wiz diz

but realized tiz cud be interped az dizrezpecful in da RIP cuntext :sunglasses:


Very musical tru

da zpontanouz impro cummeth :kat:

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