Rock 5

Randomly juz the 2nd symphony transcribed into a piano concerto.

What do you guys think about this version? Or the symphony in general? The piano part is well done imo. 2nd mvmt is gensui.

LOVE the symphony, very curious about what this will sound like…

I’m not that far yet, but so far it sounds a bit too much “trying to sound like a Rachmaninoff concerto”

obv :whale:

I liked the transcriptions that Fiorentino did in the interview vid. His improv still is wikid. Randomly I haven’t even listened to the full symph

True, I’d love to be able to play the whole symphony on piano like him. You should listen to thing through, of course it’s overly romantic but it’s also very awesome.

yeah I haven’t gotten around to buying it yet, just listened to parts of it on youtube

chris posted some EXTREMELY good recs on the forum.

Go for either Jansons (probably the best rec overal) or Svetlanovs (extremely slow but probably the most powerful, and most Russian :wink:.

I bought the Jansons (complete set), and it’s top notch.

Tru, I have a bunch of great Rach 2 recs… so brew let me know if you want any and I’ll repost.

Could you pls upload the Jansons. Thanks.

da BRU not a fan ov zl*w n powahful?

doom metal not 4 u :dong:

tru, I iz an SD. Wat’s doom metal? sum derivative sheeyat?

tiz a whole genre ov metal

influenzed by da zl*w cruzhin groovez ov zabbath

da zong ‘nigga zabbath’ itzelf a prime example ov da gensui

ok will check it, although I randomly don’t like Sabbath. Ozzy with Randy or Zakk is much better.

haha daim

i found da ozzy zolo wikid but a completely diffrent sheeyat
da zabath iz mon prefere becuz ov da dark doomy feel

paranoid iz NOT a gud exampleovdiz :dong:

diz juzt a bit



Haven’t heard any of these transcriptions before. Going on a dling spree, after learning about them.