Rock/pop listening challenge

Tru 8)

I just made this. Obviously, the samples will be shorter than the other challenges, otherwise it would be too easy. They range from 0:12 to 1:15.
There are 25. Some might be easy, others pretty damn hard. I’ll edit this post with the correct answers.

I even did some gensui fade in/fade out with audacity 8)

Begin, u fuckahz 8)

  1. PJ Harvey - One line [iamcanadian]
  2. Broken Social Scene - Cause=Time [iamcanadian]

21.The Veils - Vicious Traditions [iamcanadian]

hahahaha I’ve juzt realized we have a rock/pop forum 8)

hahahahaha da k-nar 8)

now download n answah :doc:

what the hell is number 2?

PS hehehe no one will know these.

unless this is somehow really pop music (which i don’t know at all)

Hahaha, most of these are actually pretty well known, and/or have been talked about/posted in this forum.

If you guys need 'em, I’ll post hints.

Btw, about #2. At least 2 albums by this band have been posted here, maybe even 3. The song IS on one of those.

2 sounds Dream Theater-ish
9 pozz PJ Harvey
18 broken social scene
21 The Veils

I suck

hahaha dayum not dream theatah at all. Although this band’s singer alzo has a weird voice 8)

but da othah 3 are all correct!

i vil try diz game… firzt my sheeyat internetz muz DL this file :unamused:

Answers plz. I’m most likely gonna be adding some of this stuff to my collection, but I need to know what it is first :blush:

Haha no prob.

Maybe dis wuz too hard foh da sdc, I’ll try to make an easier one soon

Btw if u guyz want me to post complete songz/albumz, just tell me n I’ll up them.

  1. Patrick Watson - The Storm (from Close to paradise)
  2. Smashing Pumpkins - Jellybelly (from Mellon Collie)
  3. Arcade Fire - Vampire/Forest Fire (from the Arcade Fire EP)
  4. Can - Thief (from Delay 1968)
  5. DJ Shadow - Stem/long stem (from Endtroducing)
  6. Placebo - You don’t care about us (from Without You I’m Nothing)
  7. The Sound of Animals Fighting - Act II : all is ash or the light shining through it (from Tiger and the Duke)
  8. My Morning Jacket - Dondante (from Z)
  9. PJ Harvey - One line (from Stories from the city, stories from the sea)
  10. R.E.M. - E-bow the letter (from New Adventures in Hi-Fi)
  11. Yello - To the sea (from Pocket Universe)
  12. Sufjan Stevens - The Seer’s tower (from Illinois)
  13. 65daysofstatic - These things you can’t unlearn (from The Destruction of Small Ideas)
  14. Dinosaur Jr. - Tarpit (from You’re living all over me)
  15. Air - Talisman (from Moon Safari)
  16. The Flaming Lips - Pompeii am Götterdämmerung (from At War with the Mystics)
  17. Radiohead - Where bluebirds fly (from the Com Lag EP and the There There single)
  18. Broken Social Scene - Cause=time (from You Forgot it in people)
  19. Pixies - River Euphrates (from Surfer Rosa)
  20. NIN - 28 Ghosts IV (from Ghosts I-IV)
  21. The Veils - Vicious Traditions (from The Runaway Found)
  22. UNKLE - Bloodstain (from Psyence Fiction)
  23. Silver Mt. Zion - 13 Angels standing guard 'round the side of your bed (from He has left us alone, but shafts of lights sometimes grace the corner of our rooms)
  24. Cinematic Orchestra - Flite (from Every Day)
  25. Paul McCartney - How kind of you (from Chaos and creation in the backyard)

SHIT i can’t believe i missed R.E.M., Smashing Pumpkins, Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead, NIN, and a Silver Mt. Zion

I went through hardcore phases of each one of those groups at some point in my life.

Yeah, there are at least 10 there that I should know. I guess those short samples just aren’t enough for me.


haha tru I’ll try to make a new one with less samples that are a bit longer.

The thing is I can’t really include parts with vocals usually, unless the band/artist is not very well known; like on the Smashing Pumpkins track, right after the sample I used, Corgan comes in and you know it’s him instantly ('cause of that fucked up voice of his 8))