Rodzinski - Shostakovich Symphony 8

Live, Ny Phil 1944. Probably my favourite recording of the 8th.

If you say that it’s the best, I’ll definitely listen it! It’s one of my favorite Shostakovich Symphonies, so, thank you!

Awesome–I’m on a big Rodzinski kick lately after hearing his Tchaik 4th symphony.

I used to have the last three Tchaik symphonies on lp, which I succeede in losing upon moving to Europe. Pity - he was a truly great conductor, but quite mentally ill, apparently. Many thanks for the posting.

I’d be happy to upload the 4th and 5th (both live radio broadcasts), if you’re interested.

Definitely !

I’ll post a couple Rodzinski Shostakovich 5ths that are beyond insane.

Thanks for the upload. I’ll see if I can dig out the broadcasts I have, some of considerable interest. I rather wish Andrew Rose would spend more time on Rodzinski, and less on Peter Katin.