Rousseau - Da zecret to gettin inzane TUBE view numbahz

FUCKKKKKKKKKKK da inzane view count on diz mofo!

Diz formula muz zumhow appeal to random non-88 fanz wiz da vizual zparkle o zumzheeyat?

Diz mofo not a bad penizt fo zhor but diz viewcount on all deze vidz fuckd up

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Another way is to post a recording with an Italian pianist, and half of Italy will be all over it within hours.

They’re definitely the most nationalistic 88 country from my experience (and when it comes to this kind of nationalism, I love it!).

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Stats for piano vids are completely fucked up and bear no resemblance whatsoever to the ability of the user. There are world class peniztz whose channels have less subscribers than I do, and muppets playing public 88 with 1m+ viewcuntz. Dat’z life.

I wuz actually gonna do a promo vid of moonrape wiv proper production values, moody night-time outdoor setting and smoke machine , but tbh, why bother for something which might only get a few k views?

Shame really, seeing as I bought a very long CAMELCAPE juz for da idea :sunglasses:


That’s on the other hand something I think will attract views. The average bloke is more about the presentation than the quality of the content, and a nicely produced video of something as widely known as the moonlight sonata should definitely draw clicks.

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Yeah, but it would draw a lot more views if I was 25 and had nice legz n titz lol.

Can’t blame the likes of da LOLA for her whoring tbh. And, whilst she’s a long way from being my favourite female penizt, she can legit play.

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Tru but it dilutez yo ‘zeriouz’ legacy…think Liberace, cultural icon hu cud actually play but remembered fo gheynezz not legit recz.

I don’t cunzidah mahzelf a particularly zeriouz penizt. Da only tru zeriouz opuz I haff any azpirationz to rec iz da KANZYMPH, or pozz redo da FIZTIN. I take cumpozition mo zeriouzly, if da truth be told, n even there I am partial to extravagant parasheeyatz.

Da GHEYLIB pozz made da right choicez though. He wasn’t an awful penizt but dere wuz no way he wud haff becum as famouz by normal meanz.

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AHAHAHA da zparkle a tru innovation!!

Fuckkkkkkkkkk I fully endorze da FEZTINMOFO moonrape trailah idea :sunglasses:

N da GHEYLIB legacy arguably greatah den da HO legacy, az in:

Mo :moneybag:, lezz HOinjap :sunglasses:

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Ahahahaha if diz wuz tru

Den y iznt da LIB livin in a caztle yet? :sunglasses:

Italians :it:

Watching youtube is fine, but buying the CD is where their nationalism ends

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Man, wtf
You know for a FACT dat if you dress up HOT, wiz a bulge in yo pants

You’ll get more clicks too


Dude, do it!

I will help you pimp da vid out poon style!


Haha, got a lotta sheeyat to sort out atm but once dat’z all cool I’ll go back to my movie directah pal, dizcuzz budgetz, and speak to sum art mates about dis idea.

It’z a fuckin epically long camelcape :camel: