Royal Over-Seas League programme selection lmao

ok so there’s this tiny tiny competition u might hav heard of, for zum reazon there is a FAT load of prize money and a free-choice rep zeleckzhun so DA COQ wuz thinkin of applying with diz utterly unhinged potpourri of my interests

12-15 minute first round
Bach P&F A minor WTC 1
Medtner Skazka 51/3
Trenet/Weissenberg En avril à Paris

17-20 minute second round
Carter Caténaires
Hamelin Erlkönig (Etude 8)
Gershwin/Finnissy Embraceable You
Moeran Rune

17-20 minute third round
Clara Schumann 4 flüchtige Stücke
Busoni Kammerfantasie über Carmen

talk me out of pozz wazting my money and time :sunglasses:


No waste of time, but are you sure these programs will take you forward?

What about that Feinberg sonata you posted a while back? Or Glazunov? I at least wouldn’t keep both the Medtner tale and Weissenberg in the same round, and I’d make sure that Bach P&F is something you play daammmmmmnnnn well since it could very well make or break your progress to R2.

What, no :nigga:?


I would suggest:

R1: Hammerklavier mvt 1
R2: Hammerklavier mvt 2+4
R3: Hammerklavier mvt 3


The Feinberg I honestly haven’t touched in a couple years, the Glazunov even longer… I do have something like Lezghinka on hand, I could probably replace the Weissenberg with it.

Of course apply, but program one standard work that the cuck jurors can objectively compare against the cucked contestants in addition to all yo rep

hahahaha daim dis prog


Sneak peak fo DASDC cummahaha?

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when i get around to learning it :sunglasses: