Rudolph Ganz and Busoni Exercises


In this interview … dr-hamelin Hamelin mentions some exercises by Ganz and Busoni that he considers effective:

That being said, my father was a very good amateur pianist, and he had a collection of books on technique. One of the things he had was a small volume of exercises by Rudolf Ganz, in which Ganz mentions the pedagogical work of the Swiss composer, Émile-Robert Blanchet, who wrote a ton of polyphonic exercises for one-hand. These exercises were a great help for finger independence, which I acquired early on. This might have given me somewhat of an edge, a facility to be able to knock any obstacle that was in my way. Of course, there were others as well. Another book he had was a collection of Busoni exercises, which is quite unusual, but they were effective and useful.

He also mentions these in the supervirtouso documentary. Do any of you guys have these? And could you please upload them for me?

jo men visst

There are several to choose from with Busoni though… I’m not sure which he meant.

Hva med de fra Ganz? What about the Ganz-exercises?

Yeah I have no idea which Busoni exercises he is thinking about. But I assume he is thinking about non-musical etudes i.e. pure exercises.

Maybe it’s these Busoni exercises? … _Ferruccio

Yes, there’s a version of that in 10 books as well, and also something like 5 kurze stucke fur das polyphonen spiels ausgedevelop bla bla. Probably something else too I’ve forgotten. You should be able to find all these on IMSLP actually.

There’s the 5 short pieces for cultivating polyphonic playing, maybe he means that? … laying.pdf

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Ganz -->

Many thanks for the Ganz etudes!

Have any of you guys tried them?

Tru, thanks.
They look good.
These sort of holding exercises he has in the polyphonic section were the ones I got the most benefit from back in the day.