Dis mofo should do all da LH godowskies wit his RH. It will be a definitive recording fo sho. 8)

haha, i was gonna make a thread about dis mofo - but i thought i shud leave it to u zepp 8)

dis will make you cry 8)


we missed it?!?!?!

dat looks like a standard 30 min recital from da rud boy 8)

Hahahaha dats rite. and surely dere would be no intermission either.

btw, ppl who wants a mastahclass wit RUDY, dis is where u want to be: Scroll down and see fo yoself. He is da lone russian penis holding a mastahclass dere. RESPEC 8)

looks like dis mofo has been spreadin his seed all ova, i suspect dere might be many mini-rudys in da next gen of penises 8)



hahaha, u just appropriately increased da page’s girth by 10x



HAHAHAHA check dis: TWO RUDYs on one page


hahahaha, will da real rudy please stand up 8)