Rules for posting in this forum

Follow these or your thread will be deleted:

  1. Full albums only. No single track posts or homemade compilations.

  2. No random requests. Any request not accompanied by a quality post will be deleted.

  3. Thread titles must be in the following format: Artist or Group - Album Title
    Example: Oscar Peterson Trio - Live in Montreal 1990

  4. No WMA. Period.

  5. This forum is not limited to Piano jazz. Feel free to post all kinds of jazz - Coltrane, Miles, Blakey, JJ etc. Almost all jazz is welcome.*

(*If you post Kenny G you WILL be banned. This is not a joke.)

why am i not surprised that there are very specific rules for canadian’s forum?

:rectum: :rectum: :rectum: :rectum: :rectum: :rectum: :rectum: :rectum: :rectum:

forgive the art tatum compilation then…

will observe dis sheeyat in da futah

ah ic that my love supreme post was deleted

i hope it gets replaced by a version in proper format

Tru, I’ll let it slide for now.

haha now I haff to upload to mp3 :dong:

if you have three ogg files, how the fuck do you play them all staring after one another like one can do with normal mp3s files by dragging the mouse over all the files. This just doesn`t work with ogg for me.

If you have the files: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 and you drag the mouse over all of them and press play the files will be played in this order: 2-4-3-5-7-6-1.

How do you play them in order?

Yes I am a computer noob.

when you right click and hit PLAY, make sure the file you’re right clicking is the first one, otherwise, it’ll play whichever file you click and THEN the rest.


what you write is true for all other file-types.

-da Meph

what program are you using? Use winamp.

pozzibly thiz shud be a reigztah to view forum az tiz pozzibl to accezz without login tru :dong:


Yeah, I told mart - should be fixed momentarily :slight_smile: :stop:

randomly can we pozt sum otha styles of music? I haff a live Bjork cd that I cud post tru.

Or shud I ask da MART foh anotha nu forum? :mrgreen:

HAHAHA dis mistah green iz a mofo foh sure :mrgreen:


dis question remainz unanswered 8)


i c 8)

tha candain zetz hiz foot down 8)

az u said, a mofo w/ no cg

actually tiz originally a MART quote

rezpec tha candain ruthlezznezz tho :rectum: