S.Richter French doc

somebody please cap da zecond part of da S.Richter French doc by Bruno Monsaingeon . diz will air on TVP Kultura at 19 Polish time which is the same as german time etc. i believe tiz GMT+1 .

and dere iz da zecond part of a Gould vid playing brotha pieces on sunday at 16:00 polish time on TVP Kultura

PS. TVP Kultura is a free polish channel on da hotbird

and on tuesday on TVP Kultura at 18:45 polish tym dere iz da vid of da premiere of da Panufnik piano concerto played by da Ewa Poblocka (check chop comp 1980) and da warsaw philharmony orchestra conducted by da composah himzelf.

and on sunday dere vill be a brodcast of da RAF playing 4 mazurkaz op.17 on any of these TVP1 , TVP2 , TV Polonia , TVP Kultura at 21.40 polish tym

dayum, i iz got dese channels at mah grandmas house (we iz Polish), but i haff no way of recording dese.


Dude, the Richter is on DVD. AND I just posted it a couple weeks ago

i dont think its the enigma thing is it ?

it is.

hmm … well ei didnt no … there’s no word enigma in the title of it or in the review … hmm…

the only doc made about richter by monsaigneon is the enigma one, it is that one. truzt moi :smiling_imp: