Salvatore Sciarrino - Lohengrin (invisible action)

This is an absolutely genius piece of music theater by the living composer Salvatore Sciarrino. It is a dark, psychological sort of retake on the Lohengrin story.

I suggest everyone read the text file inside: I was too lazy to type out the whole (italian) libretto but I typed out the rest of the liner notes. Makes it easier to understand for those not immediately predisposed to such uncompromising contemporary music.

rezpec. i like sciarrino and will check this out.

Nice. I don’t know too much of Sciarrino’s music, but heard his viola studies a while back. Probably some of the most jaw dropping classical music I’ve heard so far. Electronic music on a viola, tru.

is he the dude who composed ‘de la nuit’ which mix all 3 mvt of gaspard into one?

yup thats him.

ah yes you guys know him! wonderful :slight_smile:

please, for a recording of ‘de la nuit’?

pianist unknown though

pretty sure that’s Massimiliano Damerini

curious to know what you guys thought of the Lohengrin rec so i can better gauge what to upload in the future.