Sascha Gorodnitzki?

Anyone heard of him before, this is some of the best Liszt playing I’ve heard, this Busoni-Liszt La Camp is, dare I say, Ginzburg level.

The only CD i have seen of his is the Brahms paganini/handel variation, where this la camp is on. … l_1#disc_1

I have also heard he has released some Beethoven recordings before.

Never heard of him.
Just goes to show that many pianists never get their due.

Have a couple recordings of him, they’re pretty rare though. He taught at the 'Yard back in the day.

I too adore his recording of the camp, it is one of my favorites. There is something authentic about the performance which is appealing.

Incredible playing indeed… almost no pedal too.

Respect for da knowledge. New name, new information, new sound.