Schubert Sonata in A minor D784 - favourite recordings?

I’ve recently fallen in love with this sonata, but haven’t yet found an ideal version.

Just wondering which recordings are your favourites?

Amazing piece; I grew up with the Kempff and Lupu recordings.

Kempff and Lupu are always easy recommendations for Schubert sonatas.

I would of course add Gilels live in Salzburg, and several great Richter recordings, including the recently discovered 1957 recording. I also like the Solomon recording.

Yeah, that live Gilels is incredible.

Which years are the other Richter recordings from?
I’ll have a look through and see if I have them.
I have the others, actually listened to Kempff again just yesterday.

not to derail but which sonatas/recordings are a good place to start for Schubert? I like Richter’s D960 and D894, but what can I say, they aren’t for everyday listening :slight_smile:

Get Kempff’s boxset. The playing is wonderful throughout. D664 is a good one to start with, though they’re all pretty easy on the ears. Listen to the impromptus as well. Pires and Lupu are probably my favourites.