Schumann - Tiz tru

What do you guys think of Schumann?

I have personally not really heard that much of him, but everything seams like the work of a true genuis to me.

All the three sonatas of wich I like the 1st the most are really great, and unique.

The fantasy is just daim, some of the bezt music ever written for the instrument. It touches mah bad self.

Than there are the strange, but great “variations without themes” like the Carnevale and Kreisleriana. Daim this IZ muisc!

n who aren’t touched by the innocent melodies if kinderscenen? :ho:

I can easely understand why people find his music difficult to grasp, because of its constantly contrasting moods, but that is just a part of his unique style.

Let uz discuss Schumann.

“discuss Schumann” sounds pretty funny actually … one can not DISCUSS such name in term of anything.
u didnt mention Symphonic Etudes … how could you !! (im studying them now)… well , the thing about Schumann is , that some very beautiful things that seem really really easy to play , end up very uncomfy for the hand , generally i think Schumann is a not comfortable piano writing (but great) , whereas some very difficult passages and virtuosic movements in piano music of Liszt , seems very logical and written FROM the piano not only FOR the piano.

I feel the same for Chopin. Kentner says “Chopin’s writing…does not always flow as effortlessly from the fingers as Liszt’s”
Schumann is great! Don’t forget the chamber music - da piano quartet, piano quintet, dmin trio, dichterliebe, Allegro and appassaionato. Just some of my favs.
I like the symphonies too even doe they get canned, the Rhennish is great, da 4th movt trombones in Bachian counterpoint rule!

Schumann rules, end of discussion. 8)

I love schumann. I haven’t really played any of his music though. A lot of it is still too hard for me. Hopefully will work on ABEGG soon. Btw I love the schumann quintet just gensui.

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Tru, I have yet to find a Schumann work I don’t like.

Even the Ghost Variations are fine by me.

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Err, it is not as if I mentioned every single Schumann piece ever.

but its a work just to be mentioned beside such works as fantasy and kreisleriana… :smiley:

Personally, I prefer Carnaval, Kreislerian, Fantasy, Sonata 1, Papillon, Kinderszenen and Bunte-Blatter more than Op. 13. Schumann wrote so much damn awesome music that a masterpiece like the Symphonic etudes is one of his less popular works.

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