Scrib sons


Randomly, I’m memorizing da Scrib 5 “for fun” right now, tiz won’t get played anytime soon because I’m busy practicing da Liszt for da rec.

I think it will pair nicely with da (mostly) lyrical n mysterious Zon 6

I cannot get into Scrib 7 or 8…

Adore 9 n 10.

#4 is legendary but got sum vaguely “vanilla” flavor dat kinda turns moi off from “middle period” Scrib works. It’s a great compo but not my cup of tea.

Fave early Scrib son is #2. Da Feinberg rec is too fuckin good. Fucker ruined da piece for everyone else pozz

Da Trumofo activity

pozz reach da 200 poztz in 24 hrz ? :sunglasses:

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Respectable speed. :sunglasses: