SDC audition room

T’would be wikid. But iz it pozzible? Lyk tha PF one but with more fury and speed. n mo respectable, in that, tha only negative comment allowed would be “t’wuz a bit sheeyat, keep trying u sl*w mofo”

wut iz required fo this to become a reality? :lib:

hhahah fuck sum1 agree/disagree or pozzibly this sheeyat…tiz a wikid idea. becuz i only haff wikid ideaz :doc:

we haff da SDC Membaz + Recs
u fuckah

Hahahaha, tru.


wut wuz i thinking :stop:

miekyg can u loan me a couple hunded ziffs? :doc:

Hahahaha “loan”

hahahahahahahahha, tru

da PF audition room iz a rip off of da chop fylz

haha, random confusion of da rob47

hahaha randomly drunk i s’poze :dong: