Seasonal impro :dong:

The last major writeout from my lockdown ennui goth phase

Very :pimp:ian and heavily influenced by da Wankah (pozz oblique Rheingold ref). Sumwut anti-sdc in spirit apart from da storm section. On an incongruously intellectual note, the piece is as much about thirds as it is about winter (I keep doing sheeyat like lh in F#min, rh in A min), and in the coda the point is emphasised with a F#, A, C, Eb, F# min sequence.

This is AN IMPRO, one take audio.

However I’m now viewing it as a finished compo, as there’s virtually nothing I’d alter if I was “re-composing” it. There were a few metrical irregularities in the original audio and I largely ironed them out with a bit of discreet editing so that I’m happier with the grammatical sense. Very happy with this in a formal cohesion sense.

For potential re-use/re-recording when I have access to an 88 which isn’t a bit :tractor:

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