Sheet Request: Messiaen Catalogue d'Oiseaux

This might be a long shot since it seems our sheetmusic collecting members are long gone.
After booking Aimard’s cycle for next March (or at least 3/4 of it), I’ve gone back and listened to the Ravinia performance.
I want to follow along with the scores but I’m missing some of the pieces, namely:
L’Alouette Lulu
La Rousserolle Effarvatte and
La Bouscarle de Cetti

I’m most interested in La Rouserolle Effarvatte, which might be my favourite piece in the collection.

Wow, that was quick! :stop:


That’s my favourite piece from this collection too.

It’s awesome isn’t it?
I’m psyched to hear most of the set live, shame I’ll miss le merle de roche.

I really like the mysterious sound of the beginning and the end