[sheetmusicreq] Gulda?

So I edited the thread so i don’t need to make a new one, anyone got ANY sheets of Friedrich Gulda’s music? It’s just ridiculously expensive to buy, so if anyone has some, thanks.

Looking at the other Isidoor etudes/transcriptions makes me shiver for the Chaconne, his Chopet transcriptions and his minute waltz for the left hand are INSANE. I sadly don’t have the chaconne though.

I’m working on the Brahms myself, and it’s not too difficult and not too easy, the most problems for me are in the single-note 16th passages with balancing the hand and stuff, and it’s LOOOONG, it’s 15 minutes of extremely intense music. It’s really useful and beautiful though, go for the Brahms 8) .

Da Phillip n Brahms pale in comparison to the sheer FURY of da WITTGENSTEIN pozz. Tiz lyk da BUZ in one hand :smiley:.

Part of the left hand school. Anyone have sheets?

tru upload dat zhitnit

i might learn tiz :dong:

Tru, Wittgensteins is a bit ridiculous 8)

It’s in the last 2 parts, got these from jre i think


Kassaa, or anyone else, do you happen to have sheets by Isidor Phillipp? Particularly left hand stuff, but actually just anything by him, he seems quite interesting, even if it is old.

And I read through the Brahms version, it’s totally doable, but I’m still wondering about the Phillipp 8)

update 8)

the only philipp sheets i have is the bach toccata and fugue transcription.

as far as gulda, i have: aria, play piano play, prelude and fugue, sonatine, suite, and variations on light my fire. interested?

DEFINITELY. If you could hook me up with all of those, i’d be eternally grateful.

here is all that stuff:

lesdjinns.com/dasdc/jre/Phil … -Gulda.zip

Thanks SO much, uberrespect!! :smiley:

zomg where do you collect your sheets

its a secret.

anyone got for rico?