Shoe Kreis video

From the 'yard:

hey I know that guy! amazing energy dude. :ho:

awesome, looking forward to this!

will da koji vid be uploaded here?


dude you rock, I can count on one hand the number of satisfying Kreislerianas I’ve heard, and this is one of them. rezpec

Tru, this is a stunning performance, never lacking in balls, but also played with great sensitivity.

Brew: Have you heard Lupu, Virsaladze, Orozco, Cortot, De Larrocha, Annie Fischer, Argerich, Gieseking, Hoffman, Horowitz, Nat, Ruby, Sofronitsky, Wurtz, Egorov, Moiseiwitsch, Early Arrau, Fiorentino, Cherkassky…


I’ve heard a lot of them (although certainly keen to hear Sofro, Ruby, arrau and Nat if you wouldn’t mind uploading them) and honestly it’s patchy. For example, I find only a few pianists play the first piece the way I like: Hofmann, Pollini (!), Koji, Cortot. Horowitz plays certain pieces amazingly; beautiful singing tone. Hofmann (my idol) cuts my favourite pieces! (unforgiveable), Fiorentino surprisingly disappointing. Cortot is probably my favourite overall.

Cortot’s is amazing, I agree. I’ve always been partial to Anda’s (it’s the recording I grew up with), and have always enjoyed Sofronitsky’s, Nat’s, :ho: (live though), and more recently, Annie Fischer’s.

awesome 8)

indeed a compelling performance and always clear about everything, respec


Random thought, Am I completely alone in thinking Elisso Virsaladze is the best living Schumann player? I mean seriously, her Kreisleriana vid is ridonkulous.

She is a gem.

However IMO she ranks 2nd, after Freire.

Ah, you’re right… that is a tough call.

Wow I really liked this. Especially how you go completly insane in the end of no3!

Fantastic piece and fantastic performance.

Very powerful, excellent performance!

Cool suit; now that you’ve gotten your PHD you can look like a Doc as well 8)