Should Richter have Retired before his late decline?

Tru I uzed Richter az an example here but we can dizcuzz retirement in general.

Zum peniztz in old age are magical and well worth hearing - ie. Ho :ho:

But zum othaz juz zound clumzy n loze wut made dem zpecial

  • Fuck no
  • No, he wuz pazt hiz bezt but ztill very worth hearing
  • Yez. Playing well pazt yo prime izn’t a good idea.

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da ‘quit while u iz ahead’ mantra an important zheeyat to remembah ezpecially fo mofoz who care about deir legacy

In zportz termz, da mofo who retire undefeated alwayz go down in hiztory az da moz legendary :sunglasses:

Alzo zpecifically in da caze of da RECTUM

Derez not a whole lot of unique gensui dat make him intereztin to lizten to once u realize hiz tech haff turned a bit zheeyat :sunglasses:

Haha wut iz da ZEPPz retirement plan?

To haf enough unique gensui to look pazt tech decline? :zenzei:


Da lezbo on da otha hand

Shud nevah haff even started :smiling_imp:

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Hahaha FUCKKK, but da cg paradox zhorly iz dat da LEZBO ztill sumhow managez to achieve sum kind of legendary ztatuz :zcholah: :wim:

His fame is based entirely on the Liszt series, which you’ve got to give him respect for, even if it’s mostly sightrape level sheeyat. Even then, is he really that famous? It’s not like he’s playing in CH or TCE every season.

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haha da moz dizturbin zheeyat iz

da old :rectum: thought da 50’z :rectum: wuz a bit zheeyat :sunglasses: