Should we EXPAND dasdc?

make it into an actual website??? instead of just a forum???

we should make the sdc into a website that HAPPENS to have a forum…

if the website has content, it will draw ppl in…

we should have profiles of pianists, and composers, than one free recording of one piece in every pianist;s page as an introduction…

know wut i mean?

da zepp doez hiz best to kill diz forum, so y expand? Diz may zoon be a very lonely place…

  1. da zepp kill da forum? wtf?

  2. yo logic iz hilariouzly SHEEYAT. y expand? zo diz place iz lezz lonely. daim

if yo azk me howevah. deir iz only a few worthy zoulz whu really buy into da SDC mindzet completely. da SDC CORE can only be zo big.

howevah, pieniz profilez, tym record pagez fo dif piecez n othah sheeyat wud be quite wikid.

my random zuggeztion to DA MART iz a SDC WIKI sheeyatz da everyone can contribute, ly da haff

diz very ztupid , dere iz no bigger need to get zo many ppl around here , tha reazon we iz bit unique … and from tym to tym we get to know zome wikid nu cg membahz , like da catz for an inztant .

da CATZ is badass…he’s my fave member

yo i wuz yo fav membah once , heck re-membah ?

yea, but den yo bad self treated me lyk sheeyat in my request 10-7 thread… :imp:

but CATZ has always been cool…

hahah fuk :blush:

hahahahahahha tru

now UL some vid of 10-7, bitch!!!

lol i keed i keed :laughing:

Lisitsa recorded all 24 etudes on video.

hahah, zo did da KEMPF


Haha I bought dis sheeyat a while back, it is da equivalent of ok soft porn

i want you to know that Fake_plastic and i dug up your grandmother and fucked her…

…her skeleton