in da 1980s dere was a movememnt in rock music called da shred sheeyat - basically it was all about da guitarist goin fo da max NPS possible

who be yo faves?, who be da best?

haha now dis is wat im talking bout!! i was big tyme shredder til i decided dat it wasn’t for me. ma fav shredders were da fat swede , steve vai, joe satriani, jason becker (check da vid of da paganini fifth caprice, i used to play dat mofo to), Kirk hammett (metallica nuff said) Marty Freidman (da jap trapped in a jewish body, one helluva player), EVH (da legendary mofo who stared da whole tapping thang), timo tolkki (check da stratovarius), Alexi “wild child” laiho, Michael angelo Batio (da fastest mofo eva, plays a guitar wit 4 (!) necks), Joe stump, Rusty cooley(da epitome of saying fuck da music i need da speed). honourable mention to da great kat for being a chick shredder who studied violin at juilliard, dis bitch refers to herself in da third person and looks like a freak. I posted a msg on her site saying: why da fuck to you refer to yourself as da great kat? and it was deleted. da slag.

last but not least da tru mofo heslef:

RANDALL WILLIAM RHOADS!!! ma hero (maybe even more so den da horowitz) dis legend died when he was 25 in a plane crash but was the best damn guitar player ozzy ever had (he’s finest songs: flying high again, mr crowley, diary of a madman, dee, suicide solution, revelation mother earth (da classical solos is insane!) :imp: :imp: :wink:

hahahahaha, RESPEC! is all i gotta say

Kerry King
Nuno Bettencourt
George Lynch
and yes, Rhoads was a mofo

koji (STSD)

hahahahahaahaa, RESPEC fo da knowledge!

i remembah in dat interview u did with some random mofo u said about yo wikid free rangin tastes

respec 4 dat 8)

concur with everyone on yo list cept KK. Dat mofo aint a tru shredder by ma definition even dough he is insanely fast.

whats yo def of a shredder? 8)

the shredding has to be on leads not in riffs (king is mainly fast on riffs). Slayers leads are not shred leads imo as shred implies a certain amount of knowledge of what one is playing; King and Hanneman just play anything and use the whammy bar more than Vai (ie to excess). Shredders need to demonstrate some of the following skills:
. Alt picking at MM 200+ (4 notes to a beat) tho high 170+ may suffice
. fluency in sweeping technique (arps that cross 5 or 6 strings)
. Knowledge of economy picking
. fluency in tapping (up to 8 finger tapping to be a legendary mofo)
. Ability to read standard notation (not necessary but shows commitment to the instrument)
. Show interest in classical music (again not necessary but preferable)
. need to play/practice at least 8 hours a day during formative years (da fat swede played 14 hours a day)
. need to have thorough knowledge of scales and arps and theory.

hahaha DAYUM

but i must say i think dat slayer r tru shredders

it may be insane and random, but tis still fast 8)

aint dat what music is all about? :wink:


I’ve seen Michael Angelo Batio last year. Greatest thing ever (well not really, but it was great). 8)

hahaha, da batty boy?

yah, KK is certainly not on the level of those other mofos…but still love Slayer.

koji (STSD)

dere is actually a wikid shredder i saw at pianoforum

check out his sheeyat -

haha dis is da tru mofo who didn’t know wat bpm meant. 8)
we should get him to join da sdc boards

For Guitar LĂ©gato stuff,I play 130 with 6notes/beat.

so dis means 195 bpm in 16ths brew?

he seemed to go fastah den dat

ok da solos sound devilishly random sometimes
I went 3 times to deir fuckin concert
actually eg for angel of death he plays da fuckin solo NOTE FOR NOTE da same as da cd!
dis mofo knows his sheeyat 8)


dat is da equivelant of a penis mofo whackin out a random improv, recordin it, den memorisin it.


dis mofo (KK) has a column in GuitarWorld, in it he explained how he came up wit da War Ensemble solo (da tapping sheeyat) he hactually “composed” dat, he wrote da shit out in tabs but da mofo didn’t know wat da fuck he woz playin’ as far as scales and theory is concerned hence da randomness.



i used to buy dat mag 8)