Sightfuck: Pimp’s only LH zong (az requested)

Da score:

Da sightrape:



I played this mofo for my LH recital. :dong:

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Haha at least you recognized diz song from my sightfuck attempt


Haha dis title and poem - Heil Orban! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cum translate

Oh wait, da was a :tm: accunt

Liszt himself would need a translation for the hungarian. :pimp:


Harzh but tru

AHAHAHAHAH da zepp followed diz wiz zcore n i juz haff to zay

u haff zuccezzfully ZITERAPED a zong dat

da MALTEMPO vil nevah be able to play correctly in hiz lyf :sunglasses:

Haha wtffff

Da maltempo can get a fine ass italian pussy any tym

Recorded my zightfuck but off for lunch, so no wifi. Will ul latah.

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Da ziterape 2 cummah.
Didn’t realise my tempo / interp is a fair bit zlowah. Alzo, mah 88 iz zo fuckkkd. I tried to fix dat pedal zqeek but oil did nuttin. I don’t like my lh tech tbh, it’z clearly lezz fluid den da rh.


HAHAHA FUCKkkkkkk da zepp vil watch when he iz home tonite :sunglasses:

I ztreamed about 10 secz on ma data n randomly

Is dat a random DONKEY zoft toy on top of yo 88?! :whale:

Hahaha no it’s the front of a massive Highland cow birthday present



Hahahah fuck rezpec! I haf diz piece in a collexion by da CAPED RAY :


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Nevah heard of it befoah it wuz mentioned here!

The mofo Zichy who it’s dedicated to wrote some zeriouzly badazz lh only zheeyat.

hahaha fuckkkk diz piece

da MART can pozz compoze aftah all :lib:

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da MART unzpeakable harzh-truth reveal tech

Only equalled in recent memory by da


where iz da poll option fo

zheeyat tech, wikid m*zicality? :girl: :zepp: :sunglasses:

I will hear diz when I get off from work.
Today a random $300 day! Aiiiiiite!

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AHAHAHAHA da BOB takin extra care to bring out da TRU moizcha in da middle zect, DAYUM!!! :watermelon:

fuckkkkkkkk da 3 rolled chordz from 2’57

randomly yo 88 haff a wikid tinkly tone, togetha wiz da pedal zqueek colah effectz, i can hear dat highland cow

gently grazin, mooin n wundahrin

if derez anotha one juz lyk it thouzandz of milez away in NYC, grazin n mooin to da zame random zong :tm: :sunglasses:


Haha fuck. Da 88 really needs tuned. Dere is alzo at leazt one broken ztring.

Datz a harzh thing to zay about da klingon :sunglasses:

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