Singapore No Money but we STILL want those Pianists to come

haha ma choiz wud b da TEMPO :pimp: 1 n 2ndly da :doc: mendy1

you should definitely bootleg Goerner.

I will pick Emaual, Goerner and Tiempo (pozz Bronfman)

da jeff haz exam around da time Ax comin to HK, so he can’t go neither

ahahahah da TEMPO unleazh excluzivazheeyat fo da ladiez

but vil da ladiez

fall fo a wankah on valentinez day 8)

Definetely NOT Tiempo (Machine) and Ax (Chamber help?)

Even Dimdenko is better… or Brofman

haha get da fuck out u fukkin cunt :brotha:

Bronfman, Goerner and Berezovsky are the ones I’d go to.

Brahms, Tchaik, and Prok are the three I’d go based on music. I’d definitely go for the Goerner just because he’s a spectacular pianist. The Schumann is great, but I’ve never heard the Prokofiev, and it can never hurt to hear the Brahms in such excellent hands.

is this a music forum? or a “fuck” forum?

why people here are writing full of “cunt” or “phuck”?
to show how deeply they love classical music? or how well they are educated? or just being friendly or nice?

such a shame. and pity none of those know anything 'bout the real piano school or playing. love classical like love pop.

Nah you’re a retard.


now, please kindly get the fuck out 8)

go back to pianostreet with your retarded friends who jerk off to brendull’s beethoven cd covers

how poor ur taste is. and who do you think you are? asking people to get out? got no respect in reality so pretending to be a lord here? Pity…

looking down upon such guys like u.

yeah, better I do go listen to Lamon or Pachmann, Vedernikov, for a cleaning of ears , and eyes (messed by ur “love to music”)

Sarcasm understand much?

Sorry , but can’t see why to me, Sarcasm like the Prokofiev’s work?

anyway, it’s your right to write sth. like “jerk off on beethoven’s recording”

people are different, some are like you , in a certain period or permanently mental-damaged .

“phuck” and “cunt” or whatever - welcome. at least,it doesn’t show my personal quality.

No, it certainly doesn’t.

I vil be at Da Douglas

wut? iz near to meh haus!

oh balz, diff concert. but ztill Da Douglas near mah house, end of da June.

welcome to my ignore list.

Was that a Russian haiku?

who cares ‘bout your ignore list? sounds that funny, thinkin’ about you are Someone?
no one comes here for being friendly to guys like you , or gals or whatever.
Pliz DO ignore, that would give me even a clean sight.