Singapore Pianofest 2007

Fuck, this is great news. We have Katsaris and Nojima this year, right here in Singapore, June - July 2007. Come on down, you mofos.

Theme for the entire Pianofest is Lisztomania.
This year’s highlights include:

:pimp: Sonata
:pimp: Concerto Pathetique for 2 pianos
:pimp: Benediction de Dieu dans le solitude
:pimp: Reminiscences de Don Juan
:pimp: Hung Rhap no. 4
:pimp: Trauervorspiel und Trauermarsch
:pimp: Csardas obstine
:pimp: Rigoletto paraphraase
:pimp: Tannhauser Overture
and other transcriptions by Schubert, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, etc.

Other works by Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Moscheles, Rach, Scriabin, Balakirev, Kapustin and Singaporean composers will also be performed over the course of these 4 nights.

June 28th - David Nettle and Richard Markham piano duo

June 29th - Cyprien Katsaris

June 30th - Minoru Nojima

July 1st - Valentina Lisitsa

I might be going to singapore but in nov/dec. Fuck da kat, I’d love to see him live.

i’d rather sit at home.

hahah da kritty. 8)

hactually, diz iz what I have done whenever a pianizt comez into town. Waiting for someone GOOD.

c’mon, brew. i’ll show you around town.
also to :rectum: and the others, let’s have a sdc-singapore convention.

id rather sit at home too , we hade Katsaris few days ago and the hall was like empty , i didnt see it as i was home too !

fuck, some great music being played. dont know an awful lot about the performers, but heard some great nojima. i would love to go, but would be too expensive to travel and stuff. summer holiday pozz tru?

hahaha da ZLIT

Randomly da slit announcement was up since beginning 2006. I WAZ ALREADY CUMMING IN MY PANTIES. Gonna request my bozz for a few days off work. Too much laundry to handle.

lisitsa has great technique


Pozz reveal da Kat, zlit and da Noji prog pozz?

I might cummah too den/

and a great body, but thats about it.

unfortunately, their recital programmes are not yet published. will keep you posted.

Unfortunately, Lisista is about as qualified to be there as the Asian chick with two fingers on each hand…

Sorry, but I think she’s just incredibly disappointing.

And on my hotness scale - she ranks a 2.5 out of 5 … she just a wee-bit butter-faced

fuck, yo ztandardz are inzanely high

haha brew haff u evah cn da zlit wiz minimum photozhop? 8)

iv u wud hit da Zlit, u pozz hit da chick on da left

along wif da random kid, tru 8)


that’s hilary hahn, man.

I’d hit the Hahn, even if she gives me that fuck-off look when she’s signing autographs after her concert.

yeah fo real. I’d still tap that though. da only Hahn I like iz cold and frothy.