Skepto Vs. da SDC

Which is correct?

  • It is ok to sacrifice accuracy or another field in very difficult pieces
  • It is better to perform a work with the mentality of playing it perfect, no matter how hard the piece.

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as many of you know (n many of u dont), Ian Pace currently holds da record of “Biggest Repertoire” which includes complete Finnissy. He writes many essays, gives many lectures n has world premiered something like 80 or 100 pieces.

I am currently in an argument with him about something. One of us believes dat in order to play certain pieces dat are extremely difficult (say Xenakis Evryali or Finnissy Solo Concerto No. 4) it is acceptable to sacrifice one aspect of playing (IE dynamics, tempo, frequency, accuracy, articulation etc) to achieve great results in one of the other fields. The other one of us believes that it is wrong to learn a piece with the mentality of “oh it’s ok i don’t have to hit every note since it’s Herma”.

Pleaes vote who is right in da poll, and take your bets as to who is who and who will win below 8)

da latter.

as much as our old pal geoffrey would disagree.

you muzt also guess who iz who

Choice 2, fuck Madge.

The 2nd opinion is the Skepto’s.

The second option is skepto. Since on PS, he got angry with a member, who posted a tribute to xenakis, saying he thought it was childish or something like that because it sounds like he heard Xenakis and thought it was cool because it’s random notes, but in fact is constructed using complex mathematics which i have no desire to understand…

so da skepto clearly conziderz dat accuracy iz important.

while tiz fo shor eaziah to wield a 3inchah (:comme:) , a 2-mile :dong: vil alwayz be bettah by definition.

doze who settle fo a 3inchah r pitifully practical while doze who delude demzelvez of a 2 mile :dong: r prententiouz liahz. 8)

dis says so little about da topic n so much about lang lang

hahahahaha, i wuz gonna say wut da ZEPP siad, but cudnt be bothad to cum up wiz da metaphjoriucal sheeyat

dun worry. you can sound like an idiot in ur own words too hun.

since u made no attempt to grow a brain i vil explain diz fo u, :comme: stylee:

:dong: = dong

3 inchah = a 3 inch dong

2 mile :dong: = a 2 mile dong

a 3 inch dong = a sheeyat tech and/or attitude rezulting eithah by choice or necezzity in da dizregard fo accuracy

a 2 mile dong = a legendary tech and/or attitude rezulting in perfect accuracy

a 3 inch dong being eaziah to wield = a lowered level of accuracy iz compenzated by an increaze in da otha ‘parametahz’ (da PACEz own word, which u changed to ‘field’) such az SPEED, FURY, CG etc

doze who settle fo a 3 inch dong = da PACE

doze who delude demzelvez of a 2 mile dong = YOU

da PACE = pitifully practical

YOU = a pretentiouz liah

additional note: to refute da lazt line you vil haff to admit to NEVER EVAH honouring yo own intentionz in performance, which wud den make u an incompetent lozah, a sheeyat dat i deem to be much worze den a pretentiouz liah. da benefit of da doubt wuz given to u out of sympathy.

az u muz be expected to c now, diz haz nothing to do wiz da :dong: but everything to do wiz diz topic. in fact by succezzfully ridiculing both sidez i CLOZED ur fuckin argument.

next tym, plz think very carefully who u wanna fuck wiz :lib:


Now you see your problem here is that you deny the conceptuability of a perfect performance of difficult pieces, which is obviously not true, as perfect performances have been given of seemingly impossible pieces, so you’re just absolutely and rediculously wrong. What you’re saying is to go to your concert (well not YOURS, you want to be an architect, even though tis odd that I randomly know more on the subject than you last time we talked so wtf) and to have in your mind the idea of attempting at creating good results in each field of performance is a bad idea, which basically means you’re agreeing with Ian Pace (omg revealed, but everone seemed to know), when you’re actually not. You’re just saying something that’s supposed to sound metaphorical but actually means absolutely nothing and has no value or relavance to the conversation when anyone with half a brain (not you, that’s why you cant see it) would be able to tell at least that much.

"next tym, plz think very carefully who u wanna fuck wiz "

hahahah the fucking ego you have is rediculous, especially for someone who has no reason to have any ego at all. You’re not intelligent. Sorry if you think that. But i forgive you out of pity, as I know it stems from insecurity as everyone who knows you agrees. Also, you have absolutely no experience in this subject, which I do, so you weren’t really in any position to comment in the first place but I decided to humor da SDC. But in everyone else’s defense, you’ve been the MOST wrong.

PS- learn to take your own advice :dong:

too bad da rezt of yo sheeyat dun live up to diz piece of CG 8)

i would be correct if i argued againzt this uzing YO DEFINITION of perfect, fo EVERY PENIZ ( :ziff: :lib: :doc: :rectum: :shrimp: :dong: ). now i’m juzt RIDICULOUZLY CORRECT when tiz applied to yo caze only.

da recurring theme

wizout a doubt. da :comme: knowz mo about m*zik den moi too 8)

now tiz clear to moi u didnt undahztand a single sheeyat. tiz tym now to explain it :comme: :comme: stylee:

ok, da PACE agreez dat wanting to creating a ‘GUD’ rezult in each field iz a bad idea??? u can only force diz sheeyat into hiz mouth when u apply YO definition of GUD to da field of accuracy, which meanz 100%, WHICH IZ da exact point of da argument. how da fuck iz u gonna undahztand ma sheeyat when u get yo own sheeyat confuzed wiz da PACEz in a fuckin argument bazed on DIZ ONE SINGLE SHEEYAT???

which u GESNUILY thought wuz about da :dong:

hahahah mannnnnnnnnn, so how pathetic do u feel now?

i completely agree wiz diz

unfortunately i give advice bazed on need, tiz not a univerzal sheeyat 8)

fuck i wondah wut dis will look like when quoted…

anyways… you’re randomly going in circles. and still wrong. I don’t feel like repeating myself like you just did; i have a life. ur just wrong, there is no argument you can make dat will make you not wrong.

so wrong…

i randomly had to see what it looked like when quoted again.

n zepp you’re still ghey/wrong.

y is there so much hate flying around?

play the shit as corretly as possible, but never sacrifice fury.

Skepto, don’t flaunt yo intelligence, it isn’t cool.

hahahaha da mikey, since u randomly cummah to diz topic, da evah so helpful zepp vil offah u a free lezzon on da art of dizz.

rule#1 -haff mercy

ie. when u c CG lyk diz:

tiz tym to stop 8)

looks more like you giving up like the pathetic bitch that you are.

who the fuck do you think knows more on the subject between us, you lifeless shit? nobody here even knows if you fucking own a piano. do everyone a favor and just die. NOBODY fucking likes you. even the very few people you think that like you dont

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who the fuck do you think you are to have an ego like you do? you have nothing. absolutely nothing. you’re studying to be an architect, which you’ll suck at. even i know more about it than you you retard. you particularly dumb and useless retard.

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go ahead and write this off as “cg” and put the 8) right next to it. nobody’s falling for it. we all know exactly what you are and everyone here who knows ANYTHING about you or has ever talked to you will agree with me 100%. you’re just sad. we would pity you except you’re too much of a fucking heartless, inhuman asshole for anyone to ever care about at all. do you have a single friend in real life? no. go eat some bleach, you ugly, useless, insecure, gay fuckhole.

hahaha pozzibly :comme:

othah sheeyat iz juzt 88street/88world dizz level : :ghey:

find da JEFF old dizz poztz n learn 8)

you’re actually worse than zepp because nobody even pretends to like your boring ass.