Slit live Moonrape

I see her interp of diz emerge… something about the fake moon landing perpetrated by the same globalist fucks who won’t recognize da second cumming of da Soviet Union

*satire post. Don’t sue me, cause, freedom of speech now a thing of the past, for our safety from Nazis! Reeeee

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She just finished watching old Soviet documentary where she learned Beethoven was Russian and was overcome with patriotic fervor?

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or pozz she discovered secret :nigga: aristo biatch love letters where he said “Ukrainians are lower than rats”?

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tbf this is probably the tru cause :wim:

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He has such a well founded lisitsa boner. I hope his house boy not jealous.

She’s role-playing as an SS officer and modeled this speedy rape after Geezerdong

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More slit propaganda.

Playing in da background sounds wikid!!!

@ElGordito it’s also funny how suggested content is consistent across apps… they’re tracking what I type on dasdc now? and suggesting shit?

My Reddit app showed me this:

These little screens could tell everybody to walk on their hands and the next day it would happen. Our brains are beyond hacked and programmed.

I mean, somebody’s convinced Poon can be playing the Brahms 1, Rach 1 and Rach 3.

Anything is possible at this point.

A booking is a booking I geuss. Poss not cancelled cuz people forgot about him tho.


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They don’t care about her playing ability. They care that she has a large following and will fill the hall.

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LUBE blog ?
hahaha da quote

Yeah music is never about relentless pounding

Well, I look forward to her upgrading from Sony to DG :sunglasses:

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Theme album def called “Introspection” show her in miniskirt, poss Sharon stone style

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Yes we need her to finally get slutted out like Connie

I c.