smallest reps in a pro?

I nominate da pogo, honorary mention to da mickey

and da cecile licad

Michelangeli had a pretty small repertoire. Zimerman also.

David Helfgot.

Argerich does not have a very extensive rep either

lulz. Seriously I dun know how that nutcase has the temerity to charge 60 AUD per ticket.

I reckon da shrimp would be a contender for smallest rep; he’s been playing the same sheeyat for years. :dong:

Argerich’s rep consists of Ravel Con, Prok 3 and that’s about it.


The first concertos that show on youtube when searching are Tchaik 1, Liszt 1, Prok 1, Rach 3, Schumann, Moz 20, Ravel, brotha 2nd, chop 1st, bartok 3rd, the list goes on and on.

Dont try to provoke people like that.

She used to play solo too…

I’m not trying to provoke anyone. How many of those performances were in the last few years? Not many I’d bet.

She plays a lot of rare repertoire at festivals too. Her repertoire is actually a lot larger than you’re giving her credit for(I count 28+ concertos and innumerable chamber works). And I don’t think her quitting solo recitals should be held against her. That repertoire should still count.

No matter how you choose to count, her rep is much larger than Michelangeli, Gould or Pogo.

another pianist with a relatively small rep is - unfortunately IMO - Moravec; would be nice to be able to hear him in more concertos and in chamber works