Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness


If you dun already haff dis, get it, tiz essential sheeyat. Dis double-album iz more than fuckin tru 8)

easily the best Smashing Pumpkins IMO

I preferred Gish and Siamese Dream. How’s their latest album?

i really think “Thirty-Three” iz da best muzik video evah n tiz wikid because itz not even really a vid, tiz just pictures

n tru Tonight, Tonight might be da second bezt actually 8)


siamese dream is a classic

was my favorite for a loooooong time

oh, and haven’t heard the latest,

not really interested

I love 1979 :smiley:

hah yesss I remember 1979, that was the first time I recognized the beauty of a Major 7th, and I had just started guitar.

Was maybe the first time I started taking strong note of intervals on guitar.

tru da ZERO ma fav