So I'm thinkin' of doing a reduction of Prok2 scherzo

for solo piano

would be a cool encore

and a diversion from the sheeyat i’m supposed to be writing


so, i take it that you would something like where you would put the run in the piano in one hand and the orchestral reduction in the left, or some sort of three handed illusion-like combination?

“Illusion! Michael.”

(sorry, just can’t resist)

That would be all kinds of awesome if you could pull it off. Go for it!

my first thought is that doing it strictly this way would be boring and registrally limited, so you’ll just have to see what i come up with. :slight_smile: I dig a challenge

Thanks Koji!

This sounds cool. Wish you the best of luck!

Good luck. Sounds like a tricky but really interesting project.

maybe da rob should do one at the same time as sort of a competition! it would be interesting to compare the two.

haha or you could do the runs… IN OCTAVES!!!

appropriate inzertion: