so i've been to da Pogo in Warsaw aftah 26 years ..

Tru , da Pogo returned to Poland , for a very closed recital in Warsaw after 26 years of break. I stood there for 4,30 hours in the cold and tried all my best to get there , da programme wuz :

Beethoven 111

Beethoven Fur Elise

Beethoven 78

i n t e r m i s s i o n

Brahms 118/2

Scriabin Zonata 4

Rachmaninov Zon 2 (revised)

in order of da polizh way ov unduhstanding , da whole recital would be juzt az inappropriate az da comp zhit (TRU DA POLO ZOMETIMEZ HAFF HAHAHA VIEWZ). BUT , the recital was so fuckin magical , so fuckin aspiratin , plus da Pogo wuz randomly fuckin sad like if he wuz suffering like hell. da bald …
he refused any transmission in the radio or tv . For da first time from couple of years , all Warsaw gave standing ovation. ALL DA WARZAW !!! SHEEEYAT !!!

Da Pogo iz a down azz mofo.

I’m glad it wuz a success. Random bootleg on da way?

I attended a random POGO conc in Wiesbaden about 2 yearz ago.

It wuz one of da worzt concertz I’v been to (and I’ve been to hundreds) and a considerable wazte of money (60 Euro per ticket). I like non-ztandard interpretations, but he played so zl*w and diztorted dat I cud hardly recognize da piecez he wuz playing.

Glad to hear dat he left hiz crizis behind, though

well i wouldnt say he left his crisis behind. i already said his playing was not “good” … but what does “good” mean ??
I was one of the most anti-pogoers , even though i knew him in his best recs etc. while i’ve been to his concert first time in my life , and i felt so connected with him , with the music and i was hugely impressed and melancholised in a way …

PS. no bootleg , i took my minidisc and expensive mic but i didnt rec it since i heard he really asked not to record or anything as he wants this moment not to be relived or something … whatever

I"m sure the emotion of the moment must have been overwhelming in a way. I heard most of this program in nyc, however, and must say it was quite dreadful.


Is it true da Pogo offered da orgy piano lessons?

pozz on tha 3rd zhitzo :stop:


his perf fluctuates alot

juzt lyk hiz tempo