SOCK question

That fat mofo’s bio says his repertoire ranges “from Byrd to Schönberg”. We’ve probably all heard the byrd, but I’m wondering if there’s even a record of him playing Schönberg live? I’ve never seen it in a list of programmes or anything. Better yet, anyone ever HEARD his Schönberg?

who iz u exactly? in most cazes, da newbie doesn’t know da technical name.


me. signed in on the wrong fuggin account. work computers. :dong:

I noticed something was wrong when my JAV starlet didn’t appear in my post :cry:

a fraudulent account.


controlledchaos sounds like a :tm: account

did sum1 say Schönberg? 8)

your avatar makes me want to stab myself in the eyes

OMFG, i abruptly have lost my appetite for the rest of this month.

da tm n da canadain 8)

hahahaha daim so depressin

it will b mah nu desktop pic

hahahaha HARZH :doc:

but tru 8)

hHhahahaha i iz zho ther iz a zimilah pic of tha DONGAH n papa dong zumwher on SDC :dong:

bring it forth n we shall prepare da feast of lulz

lol…poor TM…


who was tm? [/noob]

trumofo - a greek mythological sdc god whom da CANADIAN banned over 9000 tymz


this ought to give you a general idea