Some anger (even the Mozart)

koji (STSD)

hahahahahaa, respec fo dis

but also minimal respec fo not even registerin 8)

hahaha RESPEC !
your 332/3 recording in 4:18 points out da true inner nature of Mozart : FURY 8)
Da Canadian Mofo Who Iz Not Dre still holds da officlal record with his 4:00 recording but I think ur texture iz more devilish
so even if da gould’s length remains unbeatable, u compensate with ur girth
(dat makes sense to me)

i concur wif dat 8)

I guess…that’s a good…thing?

koji (STSD)

hahahahaha, yep

fo sho, and RESPEC

i liked da prok 8)

da koji shud join, dis is da truly bad-ass forum aiiight 8)

koji frowns upon some aspects of da community due to his lack of immaturity 80

I wish I could play like dat too. ¬_¬ I can play that Mozart in just about 5:00 and it still sounds like poop.

maybe u should just record yourself takin a shit, same result - less effort

I don’t understand where on earth is there “immaturity” in da SDC :open_mouth:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… “poop” :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

hahahahahaha, dats rite 8)

Dat was faaaaast


DAYUMMMM da titanium coated Mozart shows dat thraco iz now a tru convertah. Dis must have raised quite a few …eyebrows in de audience. 8)

hahaha, aswell as a few de sportifs


wonderfully fast

meritorious stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

(I already told ya - in enough detail, I think - what I thought :wink:)

times like this make me look at my signature and feel utmost pride 8)

hahahahahha, da salieri is wikid man

what a tru mofo 8)