Some electroacoustic music

4 pieces of music concrete and one later piece including spectral analysis/synthesis and early computer music techniques, a brilliant work

Xenakis - Concrete PH
Xenakis - Orient-Occident III
Varese - Poeme Electronique
Berio - Visage
Jonathan Harvey - Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco

did anybody dl this? i’ll know not to put stuff like this up in the future if nobody’s interested

i already had all this stuff (not really a big fan of these pieces), so i didnt download it. i suspect not many people did, if any.

Hindemith is as deep as I care to go into 20th cent. music.

i guess if you’re going to stop somewhere, that’s not a bad choice. love me some hindemith.

sure, but you even had the harvey? not many people know this beautiul piece

yeah, i have a live recording from the proms. its pretty good, but im just not crazy for purely electronic works most of the time. although, i admit to having a bit of a soft spot for the varèse. pierre henry is another one i can appreciate. but i think it stops right there.

chris, late 20th century music isnt all bad. perhaps because jredmond is a composer, he might only show you the pure academia part of it, which is hard to get into. but there are many approachable composers out there who arent as hard edged, but still great. stucky, jredmond’s teacher, is a great example. i could post some of his music if anyone likes. im thinking maybe of posting the 2nd concerto for orchestra, which won a pulitzer and is just an awesome piece.

Sorry I missed this, I’m always interested in electronical music as long as it’s not fucked up for the sake of it. Let’s have a listen. Not too sure about Berio though, everything I’ve heard from him I just can’t stand for the entirety of his pieces.

And Hindemith is amazing, I love his style.

if you’re not convinced about berio, listen to the 2nd movement “O King” from his Sinfonia.

and I should reiterate that this is not just the “academic” side of things! I guess I can see why you’d say that but there are many music lovers and enthusiasts who are either not musicians or simply amateurs for whom the music of Xenakis, Varese and so forth is colorful, sensuous and moving!

respect jred;

i’ll definitely give this a go,

I actually love electroacoustic music with surround sound.

However, I don’t have surround sound :cry:

(my reactions)

Berio - :unamused:

Harvey - :smiling_imp:

Varese - 8)

Xenakis conrete - :slight_smile:

Xenakis orient - :open_mouth:

electroacoustic music just makes sense to me (as to why people would listen to it). The Berio was just a bit WTF for my tastes, but the atmosphere of these others was great, and I actually thought that the Harvey was a wonderful piece. I would listen to that at any point at night, unless maybe I’m having sex.

I must confess that I skipped through like two of these, but I listened to half of the Berio.

I will listen later.


Upload the Stucky if you have time. It’s great stuff - I frankly didn’t dl this stuff because it’s old news to me at this point. I had to spend8 weeks working on a production of “Intolleranza” in a big european theater and can’t stomach the composers from these schools. Newer music I hear enthusiatically -

Varese is a great master of course, but I have Chailly already.

Thanks for the ul -