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Khun #4, if you dont mind my limited knowledge, you better practice octaves, scales, arpeggios at a certain level before attacking what Cziffra played. I didn’t even want to attempt in the near future. It is, first of all, impossible speed for human being like me and surely with alot others. Second, Cziffra was a great pianist, and he can do almost everything. Technically speaking, he probably possessed the greatest technician of all the major pianists. The only pianist that I will consider as the greatest of the greatest pianists who ever lived on earth, on this planet, on this universe is “Marc Andre Hamelin”. Remember this name, I wonder if Liszt could play as good as Hamelin. Hamelin shocked the world with the first complete recording of Chopin’s Godowsky 53 etudes. The whole set is composed for manmoth, and 10 times harder than the original Chopin etudes. He spent less than a week learning Rach3, or he might be able to improvise Rach3 if he wanted to. He finished the Alkan piano works. Alkan was born the same year as Liszt, but most of his works are way harder than Liszt. I mean if you really interested in fury, fire, speed, …etc Hamelin surly will blow you to another planet because he is the greatest technician since the piano was invented. He achieved a satan speed in scales, octaves, arpeggios, double-thirds, double-sixths. No pianists can match up and compete with him. Only Hamelin can do that. Besides that, Hamelin is only 40 years old or a bit older.




da lib still getz no recognition 8)

predicktably 8)

What is wrong? I don`t think he was the first to play all the Godwsky-Chopin Etudes? Was he?

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