Some great Cziffra quotes

(Taken from “Homage to Cziffra–Journal of a Friendship, by Adoph Bohm”, translated from the original French by John Hornsby)

“The only way for all of us is to remain together, to live and strive for the love of those who have gone on ahead and for those who have remained behind, as we move forward in the direction of truth and light.”

“Naturally I believe in an after-life, however, I would never do anything with some future reward in mind. That would be calculating and degrading.”

“Only the feeble retaliate. I’m always peaceful towards my fellow human beings. The only person in the world I fight with is myself.”

“Never use a metronome. The tempo should be set by your own understanding of the score.”

“I like to do my best for all geniuses, providing it lies within my capabilities. Apart from that, I have no preferences. I love playing all works of genius. As for what I said about Beethoven, I feel I’m not up to such a great composer. The same goes for Mozart. Rather than play them badly I don’t play them at all. I leave them to others.” (note–this quote is from 1967)

“We have to reach a certain level before we realize how small we are.”

“Absolute perfection isn’t necessarily a criterion–even if absolute perfection does exist, giving something of oneself is a form of artistic quest. It is my mission to bring joy to listeners.”

“Maestro Cziffra, do you do yoga?”
“Of course, madam, at the piano!”

(after receiving a bad review from critic Joachim Kaiser):
“I’m used to little mongrels like him. I bring joy to my listeners, and that’s all that counts. I play for them, not the critics. And now, I’m off to see Herr Kaiser to ask him for piano lessons!”

“You must have suffered a gread deal in your life to interpret the Sonata [Chopin 2nd] like that.”
“It’s the price one has to pay.”

“You know, my friend, the day when I can’t play any more…” [and he pointed an imaginary pistol to his temple]

“My piano has been until now my very self, my words, my life, in which I have confided all my thoughts since the most ardent days of my youth; all my desires, dreams, joys and sorrows were found in it. Its strings have shuddered under all my passions, its submissive keys obeyed my every whim.” [paraphrased from :pimp: 's original statement]

and finally:

“Cziffra? Isn’t he the chap who can play faster than anyone else?” :ziff: :stop:


aahahaha thiz quote iz tha

naturally theze iz all wikid…

but none matchez da ztolen train ztory n then of courze wastin the pack of wolvez w/hand grenadez :ziff: :ziff: :ziff:

yeah dat iz juz sum INZANE GENSUI!!! wtf

Cannons & Flowers=Essential SDC reading material.


when you become a professional pianist, this definitely works cuz u are able to count da beat correctly and play around with it wisely, but for amateurs/general SDC members, avoiding metronome is just wrong; therefore an unacceptable method.

:comme: :ziff: :pimp: :stop: :whale:

Tru for doze who dun prax 6 hours a day, metronome iz ezzential and helpz you to develop fury. Aftah mastering da muzic technikz oyou can unleazh at your own tempoz :ziff:

metronom iznt ezzential, I juzz use it to check how fast da bmp on the score sounds n see if it sounds da bezt, or to help with complex rythm. I recomenc having one but u dun haff to uze it da hole tym :ziff:

I have never owned or even used a metronome.

rezpec :rectum:

of course, who would use metronome all the time, but it’s a great great musical device everyone should own it. u can’t always trust ur ears and when practicing scales, metronome is ESSENTIAL. Duchable will agree with this.

If you go tell pianists “I’m against using a metronome”, they will look at you and think you are a dumbfuck.

No offense!


you’ve got to check things sometimes, and it’s very helpful when learning things quickly.

but it won’t give you good rhythm

I use a metronome for practising scales.

n complicated rythms.

in my case the music I play doesn’t typically have any terribly difficult rhythms ( 4 against 3 is usually the hardest it gets), so I don’t need it for that. I find that it really helps if you’re wanting to push the speed :comme:

I iz a percuzzionizt so I iz already bettah den mozt with rhytmz 8)

tru I only uze a metronome when I practice my rudimentz or fucked up rhythmz or sheeyat lyk dat

i think fo INZANELY complicatd rythmz lyk certain LIGetz

juz…fuck tha metronome completely tru :dong: