some of my videos - they've been on youtube for a while

I will re-record the Liszt Mephisto again some time.

please give me some feedback.

You’re amazing :smiley:

I respect your talent :ziff:

Rezpec. We were actually just discussing your amazing technique shown in your Islamey video a week or two ago.

:tm: :stop: 8) ?

Amazing skill.

welcome to SDC :smiley:

In terms of tech you are insanely good. Really, I admire your abilities tremendously. Having watched quite a few of your vids I think musicially you need to grow a bit (which undoubtedly you will). In terms of :stop: u iz in da tru fuckin mofo category. :dong:

hactually I’d be interested in da :tony: v :shaga: v :e60m5: v :dajefflee: battle. Dere wuld be fo sho plenty of ziffroz up fo grabz in da gambing stakez. 8)

fucking FAKE

pita: you joined da SDC hahaha
jeff: ?
jeff: what SDC?
jeff: and when? :frowning:
pita: …?
pita: that forum
jeff: is it oh
jeff: hmm
pita: recently
pita: you posted
jeff: ?
jeff: no i havn’t posted or visited that site since like
jeff: a year ago
jeff: can i see the post? :-\ what if its an imposter lol
pita: [
pita: is this you?
jeff: what the fuck
jeff: no
jeff: i didnt post that

ic :hatto: :lib:

ahahah fuck

Will the real slim Jeffrey please stand up? :eminem:

(i iz da fat boy jeff)

lol stands up

hi. i joined.

haha diz more fraud? if not rezpec :shrimp:


hahahahah fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk tha meph vid iz tha bezt

remoindz me of tha legendary clitburnah ZALT interp

rezpec fo joinin tha ZDC

beware tha :zhreddah: 8)

This poster is a bit :

naw, slice is legit

i think Chris meant da original impozter


hahaahah ZLICE u mofo

u vizited da SDC n den juz randomly betray yo tru callin? 8)

no rezpec, but rezpec yo zhowin yo cock finally :kan:


I iz da trumofo