I’m gonna have to take a theory placement test first day in school at the uni, and I suck at it…I know the basics, btu not much…ANY HELP AT ALL??? ANY GOOD WEBSITES FOR THEORY???


hahaha ideally, yo inzane ZPEED n FURY zhud perzuade yo examinahz of da irrelevance of conductin diz tezt in da firzt place.

if u fail in diz, u zhud dezervedly fail da tezt alzo tru 8)

not helpful!!!


dis be a mos correc and mos gensui comment by da george zand.

da goal of da TRUE peniz iz to play zo fazt dat da theoretical shit be irrelevant

case in point:
rachmaninoff op. 39 no. 5

az u can hear in da one labeled “normal”, der be much fuss ovah da chordz an rhythmz, and it distract da listnah from da zpeed.

now lizen to da one marked “best” an you zee dat all dat shit be taken care uf by da zpeed an fury.

iz sure you can see, now, how wit da right attitude an lotz of practiz, dat all da shit dey try to teach you at da “conservatory” be uzeless if you haff da propah skillz.

Haha, I hate to say diz in da sdc but tha “best” one iz a bit fast :stop:

to da untrained eah, pozzibly. :laughing:


Go to your local sheet music store and pick up some theory workbooks.

That’s really all you need to understand basic theory.

If you want actual help from one of us, be specific. ‘SOMEBODY TEACH ME THEORY’ is a tad vague :wink: