Songbird v1.0

It’s great and will only get better. Make sure your tags are in order before loading your tracks or it’ll be a mess.


haha man :hatto:

hahahaha, but randomly I prefer playing from folders than loading sheeyat into a library :gav:

So do I. By far. But I had to tag a bunch of my music to use my new player anyway, so it all loads into songbird easily enough.

i might use this; does it also transfer mp3s from ipod/zune/whatever to harddrive?

Probably not yet… but expect features to be added regularly.

yeah i’m just tired of using sharepod for that… it’s a bit crude

Blame apple.

believe me, i do. every time i slow fucking slowtunes

Install Rockbox.

I’ve used this on my mac a while ago, but got rid of it after it became too difficult to ignore iTunes. Seemed really good though, but I’ll stick to folders.

Rockbox doesn’t work on most of the newer models.

But tru, if you have a 5.5G or earlier, install Rockbox. It’s teh legend.

Man I wish rockbox was available on my Zen V:M

Yeah, it’s too bad there’s nobody really working on that. The Zen VM is a great device with some major flaws. Rockboxed, it would be a GREAT player.

Exactly, everything I don’t like about is fixed in Rockbox (.ogg support, seamless play,…), so sad.

Not to mention Drag and drop file transfer and File Tree browsing mode.

Those plus extra format support (Vorbis, Flac etc) are the three things I NEED in an mp3 player. Sad thing is, by buying a Zune I gave up on all three.

I’m sad. :frowning:

I’m gonna ask for an MP3 player for christmas. What would you guys suggest?

I need at least 40gb, and I don’t want an iPod. Otherwise I’m pretty much clueless.

Apart from the not-supporting .ogg and such, I’m VERY happy with my creative. if you get the right earplugs/earphones, the sound is top notch

Well, these day’s it’s all about Flash players. Hard drive players = worse battery life and heavier, breakable.

I would wait for either the Samsung P3 or the iAudio S9.

Both should have 32 GB models. 32 GB is enough, I’d say, though I think 64 GB would be ideal.

Well I’m kinda used to heavier and breakable, I’ve been carrying my cd player with me for a long time now 8)

When are the S9 and P3 gonna come out?

And Anima, which Creative model do you have?

And lastly, are the Zune players any good? They seem a bit better than iPoo.