Sorabji Recordings

Im looking for recordings of Sorabji’s 2nd and 3rd sonatas. Also, Fantasie Espagnole, Jardin de Parfume, Djami, and Guilstan. After listening to Opus Clav I am eagar for more of this hardcore sheeyat.

hahahah RESPEC

we will c if da sheeyat can hook yo ass up

“Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2005 5:34 am”

lastest updates please u fuckah da shagas randomly looking for some of da Sorab G 8)

hahaahahahahaa, hez a combo mofo

hez half comme, half shaga

I have some by Hamelin
and some other ones (Rhapsody Espangol) from another mofo whose name i forgot

he almost recorded all the Sorabji.

hahahahahaha, da random mofo


hey, dont cuss in here please 8)