Sorry, another WTC topic

I’ve searched, but not found it…

A while back, someone posted a scan of (I think) the B-flat p&f from a (I think) Japanese edition. I really liked the engraving and fingering, and as it’s now time for me to start studying the WTC properly I’d like to buy myself a copy.

Can anyone remember who the publisher was?


If it’s japanese, it’s probably Zen-on.

I remember that topic, I believe it was Paul wee (e60m5) who posted about it here.

Thanks guys - I’ve found it here:


Now to try and find a supplier here in the UK!

Cheers, and happy new year!!

yeah too bad I bought the henle, pozz wait fo da scan :dong:

da henle iznt bad at all.

I just love Henle for their prints. The paper and spacings between notes is just great on the eyes. I hardly ever follow any of the fingerings, of course.

The henle fingering in my edition is good. juzz learned da c major fugue, n most of the fingering wuz perfect for legato all the time - the fugue is very vocal sounding to me. Or is Henle known for bad fingering?