Sorry mofos, seems I don't exist.

Dat’s right, I tricked yous all.
Brew obviously got tired of living the lie and moved to France.

Haha the punchline there at the end

TM figured this out years ago

To be fair, Neighbours is way better than EastEnders.

haha Tru. To be honest I didn’t even read it all the way.
Geoffrey Rush and Margot Robbie would buck the trend. I think it’s the accent.

I have to admit, because I don’t hear the accent anymore, when I do hear it it grates a bit if it’s even slightly broad. The stock standard one is still fine however.

It used to hit hard as soon as I arrived in the airport when I came back from a couple of months abroad.

I don’t know if it sticks out in movies because everyone else is American or it is a really grating accent.

It’s probably just the contrast. I dunno, Americans love our accent.
Incidentally, one of the Mexican girls told me the other day that she can’t tell the difference between my accent and an American accent. :lib:

Well, I guess I wouldn’t be able to tell between German/Austrian/Swiss. Or not that I know of at the moment, never having actually compared them.
How much English does she know?

She’s fluent. She speaks English at least as well as French, although she obviously spends a lot more time speaking that language. I can understand not being able to tell a Zepp accent from an Oz one but American/Oz is a pretty big difference. Meanwhile, she was surprised I couldn’t hear the difference between her Monterrey accent in Spanish and Ms Heels’ Mexico City one. I told her that I had only recently learnt to tell the difference between Italian and Spanish, and she gave me an unimpressed look which made me laugh.

No comment.

But I was so looking forward to your comment :rectum:

Feel free to pm me 8)