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Take a look here:

Brahms Piano Concerto date of recording is 2 February 1936, but I suspect that the real date here is 30 January 1936, because the 2 February 1936 version, originally in a private collection, has been publish (only ???) by the Toscanini Society (ATS-113). In this moment I’m unable to catalogue my version.

Coul someone tell more about it?

Are you sure there are two recordings? There are lots of these April 14/15 etc dates around since several performances were given and people don’t know which one was broadcast.

Yes, I took a look on my Casadesus’ Discographies. The first one marked two different versions (one commercially, the other as private collection), the second one only the 2/02/1936 version. I also controlled the New York Philharmonic Orchestra Archives and I found that Casadesus and Toscanini played the concerto 3 times: 30 January, 31 January and 2 February…so, the enigma remains.

I don’t collect Casadesus so I can’t help you, but if one of them is commercial maybe that’s not too difficult to get hold of? (though it wouldn’t surprise me if the “rare!”, “private!” etc Toscanini Society release has had wider circulation!)

Why are you so certain the given date is wrong? I can assure you it is correct. The link you shared is a duplicate of my Feb 2nd 1936 recording, which is sourced from the Toscanini Society issue.


EUREKA!!! I solved the question.

In the first moment xsdc thought “though it wouldn’t surprise me if the “rare!”, “private!” etc Toscanini Society release has had wider circulation!” was right but then…iancanadian comment helped me to understand all…

…the January version, simply, does not exists! Guild Historical GHCD 2337 is another copy of February version, which is (now I can say) genuine. Inside Casadesus’ discography the February version was marked as January. That’s the reason why I was confused. I have to correct that ba****d discography…

Thank guys

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