Speedy Gonsales!!!! WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!




hahahahaha, dats rite

Yo speedy, Da vice chair hereby officially proclaim you DA GREASTEST COMEDIC GENIUS OF ALL TIME.

And you are apparently da only mofo to have TWO membaships in da SDC, so respec fo dat too. 8)

hahahahaha, da genius is just overwhelming 8)

Me do not have two nicks on this Forum but I assume you have figured out my real name by now. :mrgreen:

I also assume that you understand that I never intended to really hide it but to give you a little quiz :wink:.

haha, dats obvious, cos u cant hide yo IP.

zepp meant dat in ur original alias - we made u a memba - and we have just made u a memba again unda yo nu alias…

but anyways RESPEC!

I could have hidden that too through anonymisers but I let some clues.
And I use different IP addresses depending if I post from home or work.

dat is all irrelevant - since i recognised some of yo playin habits - especially da little ‘puff’ b4 u play, and da way u res yo hands on da keys in preperation.

da comme notices all dis shit 8)

I figured you would notice as it is rather hard to hide the personality when you play. I wish I could master this one but at the present time I cannot. I am working very focused on the middle part.

I you listen to Pollini’s recording, you will notice that both him and me reaches the B-part at about 32 seconds so the first part is up to speed. Still, Pollini sounds faster as he makes more use of the dynamics.

but da problem is, pollini isnt da standard - rudy is 8)


And fo da “slow but even” interp, da shrimp is da benchmark. He makes da 16ths sound like repeated octaves. 8)

HAHAHA wtf ?
I can’t believe dis
no… really I can’t…

dats rite 8)

da clues are obvious
but still my brain refuses da obviousness

well dat just proves da insane comedic genius of da black window 8)

yeah what he said

you’ve got this rather unique sorta performing style

the way your hands approach and hit the keys is your sort of defining characteristic :stuck_out_tongue:

dats what i said 8)

wtf am i da only FUCK dat dont know who da FUCK he is?

no respec fo dat 8)