St. Vincent - Marry Me

I discovered dis fine lady when she opened for Arcade Fire in May. I passed up goign to see her again a few weeks ago, then I listened to dis debut cd for the first time, and now I am in regret. She’s sorta got a indy-bjork-50’s night club sound going for her…very cool stuff. “Paris is Burning” is the sheeyat.

her website:

tru you never know when some gurl like dis is going to be big one day…i have a good feeling about dis one…she has da groove…now if you listen you can say you were there from da start

haha i vil check diz


rezpc TS

randomly nevah heard of her, I will give dis a lizten.

Respec 8)

HAHAHA DAIM dis iz pretty fuckin good 8)

haha tru I bought dis album wiff mah birthday giftcardz 8)