Stamina - Train for Strength or Looseness?

I’m about half way through learning the notes of current project. Noticed my hands just sort of get tired at end of tricky sections and stop playing accurately - immediately where liszt puts forte coda ye shall not pass shite for extra pain.

Question is, should I pursue floppy handed preserve strength stuff, or train to power through with more reserve somehow? If so how?


Man, dat is hard to say when u iz on a DIGI

I would say - dun overforce fo now

Prolongs DIGI lyf

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HAHAHA mannnn diz already quite legendary!!

Bazed on da zepp experience

If u can ztop yo DIGI from zhakin, I guarantee yo accuracy vil inztantly improve from 95% to 99% :sunglasses:


I want dat cziff thumb muscle tho! True words, feels excessive to get into legit piano training for passive digi play kinda.

I think these kind of pieces are significantly more tiring on a digi tbh.

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Datz rite, da Digi Juz not meant fo intricate unleazhes

I use dat mofo fo late night compo only

tru dun uze all da facerape milionz for drug n buy a zteinway :money_with_wings:


Dunno last time I played a real piano it seemed loud and unpleasant. Also facerape cash time relative. 2/3 of folks last less than 2 years there. Goal is to be a prostitute just long enough to buy a modest city condo for cash. Then it’s right to food stamps and state medical, perhaps take a roommate to cover basics while I do sweet beautiful nothing for a while.


Juz save as much as you can every month, mofo

Tiz unamerican :trump:


Haha untru.

Save dat shit. Save fo retirement now!
Jap hooker fund!

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