State of the Union of SDC - My fellow Mofos

I concur with Jeff and Chris, as their past and future efforts are not only far from self-serving, it basically appeases the common mofo and removes the useless trite.

Congratulations to all; Jeff, Danor, “Anima” and “fake_plastic” for shouldering this burden and continuing the diddly doo deed of planting new seeds into the new “state”. You mofos need your own Mount Rushmore.

Basically I think Chris has really given all that he can possibly give at the moment - there should be new blood for the admin. And who better than a fellowship who can’t stand nonsense and give TM a good healthy STFU. Eat shit and die, motherfucker.

I pledge to honour any past requests (Sudbin’s entire discography) and keep posting from now on. Please keep on giving, mofos. The SDC community IS the reason why I still come back.

Since most of my collection is made out of stuff I get from here, or people I know from here, I don’t have much to share. But I’ll keep doing what I’ve always done; make my own bootlegs and share them here.

Keep diz shit alive bruvz 8)

iz it tym fo tha :comme: emotizheeyat to be updatd?

da first one ztayz more tru to da sdc rootz of da zocially awkward comme

“I will personally sweep all posts that is by anyone who posted anything resembles TruMofonism into a forum which I called ‘SDC suppository - where TruMofo goes to feed’, regardless of the content.”

This antidote is aptly named. :dong:

haha rezpec da earnestness of da jeff, and da comme random return.

but chris is gone for good? or just temporarily?

sad sheeyat. :frowning:

I think Chris still pops in from time to time, he’s just busy now so he doesn’t really have time to moderate n sheeyat

hahahaha Noztradazepp zolemnly pedickz 8)


i muzt say da black ground complementz da adolf quite well :ho: :kan: :tm:

HAHAH da TM’z jew alluzion zwiftly removed!!

da cleanzin cummah :noztradazepp: :whale:

az a morally righteouz mofo i vil offah to zave da jake b4 all zheeyat breakz looze undah da jeff reign 8)

Hahaha nope, not removed, just moved to da SDC SUPPOSITORY 8)

Anne Frankly, tiz pozz juzt a

final zolution 8)

hahahaha :approved:

Good luck Jeff et al!

haha da paul, all deze wikid comebacks 8)

aw man, no more Chris?

Does he ever post anymore? Hope all is well for him.

the start of a long SDC depression era 8)